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MY REVIEWS ARE PRETTY SHORT AND TO THE POINT NOT LONG WINDED I HATE LONG WINDED REVIEWS I've watched so much anime I can't tell what's good or bad anymore so I just watch what I like ,and I consume almost any type of anime except Homoshit like Free sorry. I keep trying to chase that high that I got when I first started watching anime in the 1990s, and while I do get it, it never seems to be enough because time moves forward not backwards. To those who have not watched much anime yet, this will one day happen to you to. You'll keep trying to chase that Anime high you got when you first started, but you'll never obtain it so you just relax, stop caring,and enjoy whatever you want. I don't care about reviews/Scores all that much because I've watched and enjoyed plenty of Anime that many people here have reviewed with very low scores and have watched Anime with high praise on MAL that I FUCKING DESPISE. So pretty much the scores I give are for my personal satisfaction. Not to plea ... Read more
Till today, he is 31 years old. This user joined myanimelist.net 9 years ago. The last activity was 1 year ago ago. User ruggadagod mentioned that he is live in The Anime hood. The name on myanimelist.net is Ruggadagod.
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