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The name on this platform is jkim.
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Seoul, South Korea

Greetings, I’m Joonhyuny Jay KIM. I’m CMO of decentralized blockchain company ADOS foundation and living in Earth. I am a fan of music, entrepreneurship, and travel. I’m also interested in arts and volunteering. You can visit my company website with a click on the button above.
User jkim is live in Seoul, South Korea. The name on about.me is JOONHYUNG JAY KIM.
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I'm level on mal-badges. View my badges Hi I'm Yõshi from Norway. I'm 22 years old University Student in Geology-Paleontology. I'm a previous swimmer at a high level. Likes to play Golf, Chess and Floorball. Right now i got a brain tumour for the 2nd time in my life, first spell was from when i was 5 to 10 years old(9 cm thick), it started to grow again 10 years after when i was 20 years(2 cm thick) and still got it now. I like to watch anime to escape reality. I began watching anime after a very good friend of mine(R.I.P) introduced it to me in the hospital. My first anime was Dinosaur King in 2007 and is the reason why i study paleontology. In terms of brain damage, brain tumour isnt the only thing i had. I have had Sepsis(blood poisoning) around my eye head area. Got treated by antibiotics, but a little bit late which resulted that i got a bacteria menigits type. The bacteria type is called Pneumococcal meningitis. Other than this i have had 13 concussion in my 12 first living ... Read more
Till today, he is 22 years old. This user joined myanimelist.net 2 years ago. The last activity was 6 months ago ago. User jkim mentioned that he is live in 6db6f88adab309d085487e4edb8efe28. The name on myanimelist.net is jkim.
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