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The name on this platform is gabor.
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Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

User gabor is located in Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. We found 3 social profiles of gabor. The name on about.me is Gábor Balázs.
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There are 416 people are following gabor. 484 people are following gabor. gabor contributed 245 posts to picuki.com.
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I am passionate about technology. I believe software development is about applying new perspectives to create value: Use new languages and technologies to improve speed of delivery resulting in innovations that would not have been thought of before, Understand the motivation and mindset of the users to be able to get the priorities right and be able to come up with the right solutions, Staying creative is important and to achieve that we need to continuously give our selves chances to get inspiration. Considering the team as a whole, it is crucial to reach a critical mass of inspired people. These people -- using great technology, working on challenging projects, surrounded by quality devices and software -- will create innovation and inspire each other with their ideas and interesting new approaches, which will lead to further innovation, better quality and real value.
The ID on stackoverflow.com is 270197.
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13 years ago

More than a decade passed. This user joined armorgames.com 13 years ago. The name on armorgames.com is gabor.
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Brussels, Belgium

There are 41 people are following gabor. 2 people are following gabor. User gabor is located in Brussels, Belgium. We found 2 social profiles of gabor. The name on unsplash.com is Gabor Monori.
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