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I never get tired of improving my items! I am a perfectionist! A little about me Hi, I’m Alex, I’m a web developer and I build stunning web applications: PHP standalone scripts & Wordpress Plugins. What are my overall goals and mission? Providing high quality & constantly updated items. What are my benefits over my competitors? Support, blazingly quick response time, friendly What do my customers already like about me and my items? All round nice guy! Support and simplicity of use, very intuitive products Support: You’re backed up by purchasing any of my items All my items on Envato come with impecable customer support. I am keen to see my customers using my apps and being happy in the same time! Don’t just take my word, check out my latest reviews and have a sneak below as well. Are you trying to redirect your visitors based on their country? My plugin WP GeoIP Country Redirect will do that for you. Do you need to show different content ... Read more
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