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I started watching anime my first year of high school and it only got worse from there. Also I love lists; I made a bunch of Excel sheets for anime, YouTube, movies, music, etc.. Sorry if I'm late answering questions, I've been busy recently and am behind on a ton of shit. List of stuff I added to mal MANGA SUBMISSION TIPS (work in progress, comment if you have questions) I'm also in charge of this rad discord server, wink https://discord.gg/d5pewG8 Also don't get disheartened if you see some wacky hentai on my manga list. I'm a good person, I swear. 1-4 is negative, 5 is average or meh, 6-10 is positive Tags: CU = Caught Up (with the translations) ACU = caught up to the what the anime is up to VR = Volume reading (I'll only read it when there are volumes available} Ratings If I like it, it's good If you don't like a rating of mine, ask me why It all depends Graph I'm level on mal-badges. View my ba ... Read more
Till today, he is 23 years old. This user joined myanimelist.net 7 years ago. The last activity was 1 year ago ago. User batsling1234 is located in New Jersey. The name on myanimelist.net is batsling1234.
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