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The name on gravatar.com is ajames.
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I'm a Toronto-based writer with a focus on tech, coding, and startups. My writing has appeared on PandoDaily, Gizmodo, CNNGo, and Time Out, among several other print and Web publications. Also interested in outdoors, and social and political issues.
We found 4 social profiles of ajames. The name on about.me is Andrew James.
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Bangalore, India.

AI Architect at Integration Wizards | Jetson AI Ambassador & Specialist | NASA Space Apps 2020/19 Winner | Technology Speaker | Hackathon Enthusiast
There are 56 people are following ajames. 10 people are following ajames. User ajames is live in Bangalore, India.. We found one social profile of ajames. The name on github.com is Akash James.
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